- Medical Oriented Web Services Agency

We bring patients

to your practice

We Create a Digital Presence for You.

We understand that your main interest is your patient/client interest. We also understand that your time is limited but you also realize that we have entered a digital world and you want to keep up with modern reality.

We can make it for you!

You are the expert in the medical world; but we have combined expertise in the medical area and the web services area. Together we can build the web presence that you envision.

A Few Words About Who We Are.

Medical Background To Fit Your Business

There is no doubt that it is striking to find a veterinarian, with a PhD, with an MBA, with experience in sheep embryo collection, freezing and transfer, with university teaching experience, to lead a web services business. Georgia has all these skills and can be your scientific link with technology. Having Georgia as a leader, we are not talking for any web services agency; we are talking for an agency specialized in the medical and healthcare world.

Here’s Our 3-step Process

How It Works.


We Define Your Needs

First of all we try to understand your needs. We make the right questions so that you can give us the right answers about what are your true needs for web services. All these, taking under consideration your budget and your business vision.


We Design & Create

Then we start designing your web presence, from a simple website to an appointment booking system, or a really complicated web presence. We try to match your style with your business and we end up with something that you both like and need.  


We Deliver & Launch

After everything is finished, it’s testing time. Everything should be checked before anything is online and open to the public. The contact form should be reaching you, everything should be GDPR compliant, all internal and external links should work. 

Wondering What You Get? Features & Benefits.

- 01. Custom Design

Your site will be successful because we will build around your content goals and conversions.
We talk with you to understand your approach to your patients/customers. According to your preferences, we find the website style that represents you best.

- 02. Easy To Edit

We don’t want you to feel restricted after the completion of the project. If you want to make any changes in text/images you will be able to do it. We will train you and supply you with video tutorials on how to do it.

- 03. Mobile Responsive

For sure you have experience on exploring websites on your mobile that just don’t look good. However, nearly 60% of all searches are on mobile devices. We will make sure we will prepare a responsive and mobile friendly site for you.

- 04. Multilingual

Most probably your audience is multilingual. Apart from Greek-speaking clients, most probably you need translations in English, maybe Russian, etc. We can do this for you, you just need to tell us your preferred languages. 

Have A Look At Some Examples Of Our Work.

Choose A Package And Book Your Website.



Great For Medical Professionals That Need an Attractive Web Presence

For small practices/companies

Template based

Fast to develop

Easy to rank on Google

Text & images prepared by you



Perfect For Professionals That Need a Web Presence With Advanced Features

For more digitally advanced practices 

Template based or Custom made

12-15 weeks for development

Much more functionalities

Text written by us & image editing 

Beautiful Websites For Your Medical Practices.

Why Our Customers Simply Love Us.

Gynaecologist, Ippokrateion Hospital

Dr. Andri Kakkoura

“They helped me obtain a digital presence, a nice website to communicate with my patients… I couldn’t recommend Medidigit strongly enough.”

Veterinarian, Staris Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Constantinos Staris

“A week doesn’t go by without a patient saying, ‘You have a great practice website.”

Other Services We Proudly Provide

E-mail Marketing

People today more and more tend to communicate digitally, either through websites, email or social media. One of the main way of communication is through email, either for informative or marketing reasons. We can prepare the whole infrastructure as well as the email campaigns themselves.

Logo Design Packages

For sure you need some kind of a branding, so that people can connect your digital presence with your business. The first thing that you need is a nice logo package, that represents you. We can offer you a variety of choices, from a simple but decent logo package to a really sophisticated one.

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