All The Services You Need


Web Design

We help you decide on the design that your website should have in order to express you and your business. We work with WordPress, so that you can be in charge of your website. We can use a template to create your site or if you want something more luxurious, we can make a custom-made website for you.


Content Writing

Although you know your practice/business best, maybe you are not very keen on writing all the texts you need to present your services and attract your patients/customers. Or most probably, you are a skilled writer, but your time is limited. We have the medical expertise to do it!


Website Ranking

Having your website being found by the search engines is not an easy task. SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimization, is a complex procedure to make your website appealing to search engines (Google being the protagonist). You want to be ranked in the first places for major keywords.


Web Analytics

We understand that even if we create your dream website, you would like to know if your website is getting traffic and if your audience finds it attractive. We can offer you on a monthly or weekly basis detailed analytic reports with all the significant for you data of your website, like visitors, pages visited, demographics, etc.


Website Maintenance

Websites are alive, in a constantly changing environment. In order to keep your website safe and updated, somebody should frequently do the housekeeping job. We have the technical knowledge and an established routine to keep your site always fresh and updated, as it should.


Support & Hosting

You are free to choose your own support & hosting. However, if you want us to take care of everything, we can do it for you. Our hosting includes a cooperation with a well-known and reliable hosting provider. Our support includes very quick response to any technical problem you face.

Websites That Make Sense For Medical Professionals.​

We don't just offer you any website.

We offer you a website tailored-made for a medical professional. We have the medical background to prepare scientifically correct content, appropriate for your expertise area. But in the same time we know how to present scientific knowledge in a user-friendly and comprehensive way.

After all you want to educate your audience, but in a way that they understand it and find it interesting and appealing.

Other Services We Proudly Provide

E-mail Marketing

People today more and more tend to communicate digitally, either through websites, email or social media. One of the main way of communication is through email, either for informative or marketing reasons. We can prepare the whole infrastructure as well as the email campaigns themselves.

Logo Design Packages

For sure you need some kind of a branding, so that people can connect your digital presence with your business. The first thing that you need is a nice logo package, that represents you. We can offer you a variety of choices, from a simple but decent logo package to a really sophisticated one.

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